How to Shrink Sweatpants

Do you own a pair of sweatpants? If so, you know that they are one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing to wear. Sweatpants are comfortable and can be worn a variety of different ways, but sometimes they can be a pain to get them back into their original shape. This is because sweatpants … Read more

How To Unshrink Jeans

Do you want to learn how to unshrink a pair of jeans or any type of fabric? Have you lost an article of clothing or ruined a piece of luggage, and you want to know how to unshrink them? To unshrink jeans: Wash your jeans in hot water Dry them in the dryer Iron them … Read more

How to Remove Eyeliner From Clothes

Many women carry eyeliner with them and love to add it to their eyes for a more dramatic look or for work. This can be especially great if you’re going somewhere where you don’t have time to do your make-up on the way. But what can happen is you apply the eyeliner but don’t realize … Read more

How to Get Vaseline Out of Clothes

We all know that Vaseline is a petroleum based product that is used mostly for its skin care and it can also be used for other purposes. Sometimes Vaseline get residues on our clothes, shoes and other things, resulting in a huge mess. The best way to get Vaseline out of clothes is by taking … Read more

Does Rubbing Alcohol Stain Clothes?

There are a lot of rumors about rubbing alcohol. Some people say it’s great for cleaning, while others claim that it will ruin your clothes. So what’s the truth? Does rubbing alcohol stain clothes? In this post, we’ll take a look at the evidence and find out what you need to know. YES, it will. … Read more

How To Get Lip Gloss Out Of Clothes

So you have lip gloss stains on your favorite clothes and you want to know how to get them out. Lip gloss stains are typically caused by some type of residue from the lip gloss that has been left on the fabric or item. You can use a variety of products to remove lip gloss … Read more

How To Use OxiClean In Washer

Do you have the occasional stain on your clothes? Maybe you have kids who are always spilling things. Fortunately, there is a product that can help remove these stains and many others. OxiClean is a laundry booster that can be used in place of bleach and regular detergent. It works well on many stains, including … Read more

Can You Iron Non Iron Shirts?

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How To Get Rust Stains Out Of Clothes

You may have noticed that your clothes are starting to show signs of age. It may be that your favorite pair of jeans is too tight or the hems on your shirts have started to fray. You can prevent this from happening by using a stain remover, but it will not remove the stains that … Read more

How To Remove Turmeric Stains From Clothes

Turmeric is a spice that is mostly used in Indian, Thai, and Malaysian cuisine. It’s also used in some traditional medicines and has been shown to have antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Turmeric stains can be removed by washing the stained clothing with a stain removing detergent or bleach, followed by rinsing with cold water. I … Read more