5 Style Tips Every Woman Should Know

Every woman wants to look presentable and beautiful. In this competitive world, it is very difficult for a woman to dress up to the occasion. She has no idea whether her clothes are going to go well with her personality or not.

As a result, she ends up feeling shy and starts judging herself. Now you can avoid all that by learning a few style tips that will help you in your daily life as well as at special events too.

Style Tips Every Woman Should Know

1) Always wear flattering clothes

If you wear something that does not compliment your figure then you will look like an oversized lump of a cotton ball. For example, if you have curly hair, then try straightening them before any kind of formal shirt; you will look more decent.

2) Do not try anything completely different on an important occasion

If you are attending your cousin’s wedding then do not wear your new blue jeans with killer heels. You can make a style statement if you opt for something which is sober and dignified like a navy blue straight cut dress or A-line skirt with a matching blouse.

3) Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight on the body

This is one of the biggest fashion mistakes women make while dressing up. They feel really comfortable in clothes that are skin tight on their bodies; however, they should never go for it because even though these types of outfits may enhance the shape of your curves but when you stand in them long hours it shows all the trouble spots on your body making you feel ugly and uncomfortable.

4) Do not wear too much jewellery

Jewellery can add a lot to your outfit but remember, there is a rule in a fashion which says ‘ Less is more ‘. So, if you are going for a formal function then do not overdo the jewellery or else people will judge you for being overdressed.

5) Pay attention to hairstyles

Hair is the crowning glory for every woman hence it deserves equal attention from your side. Always keep it clean and healthy by regularly applying conditioners. And next time when you go out make sure that you have tied your hair neatly into a ponytail or bun with no strays sticking out here and there. One more tip in this article is to avoid wearing gold and silver together. Stick to just one of them and you will look elegant and stylish at the same time!

6) Never underestimate the power of a handbag

The colour, shape and size of your bag define who you are as a woman. Always carry a handbag that complements your outfit or enhances its beauty by complementing it with the colour. For instance, if you wear an orange top then do not carry a black purse, instead, you can carry a brown coloured one so as to compliment your attire.

This way you will look more classy and elegant than carrying opposite colours because they don’t go well together according to fashion experts!

7) Wear jewellery that flatters your looks

If you have long hands then choose lightweight accessories like rings and bracelets; never ever put on huge chunky bangles because these kinds of things do not suit your hand and may take away the grace of your hands making you look unkempt.

Instead of that, if you want to flaunt accessories then go for a necklace because this is generally worn by women who have long necks and it looks stunning on long-necked women!

So, these were some simple fashion tips for teen girls which can help them in choosing clothes and accessories while dressing up so as to enhance their beauty.

8) Make sure to get the right fit

It is very important for women to get clothes that are not too tight or too loose. Getting them in your correct size will make you look decent and presentable. When buying dresses, skirts, trousers, etc., always try them on before purchasing because this way you will be able to buy something that fits you perfectly!

These tips can help any woman in dealing with fashion problems easily without having to worry about anything. Just remember the basic rule while stepping out of your house which states ‘Thou shall never go wrong with simple’!

Whether it’s formal wear or casual clothes just stick to simplicity and you will have all eyes falling upon you for so classy and fashionable!


So, the next time you go shopping, try to choose something which complements your natural beauty and enhances it rather than taking drastic measures like bleaching.

The main idea of this article is to give women advice on how they should dress in order to feel good about themselves by wearing more flattering clothes that fit their bodies well; avoid too tight clothes or anything completely different for formal affairs and do not wear too much jewellery and lastly pay attention to hairstyles.

Follow these style tips and turn heads wherever you go!

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