6 Clothing Tips for All Short Women

Yes, you can look good and stylish even if you’re short. First, what’s the definition of ‘short’? For this article, we will classify anyone 5’4″ and under as a short woman. Short women come in all shapes and sizes so just because you are vertically challenged doesn’t mean your fashion sense should be limited to only 1 or 2 types of clothes.

Stylish Clothings Tips For Short Women

One great thing about being a short woman is it automatically forces you to develop a unique style that sets you apart from other women. You might not have as many options simply due to your height but try these tips instead:

1) Wear heels

This is one tip for short women that everyone knows but many times they forget! Heels aren’t just practical for making you look taller but they make any outfit special. You can find very stylish and cute heels at reasonable prices especially during the Spring and Summer seasons. If you must wear flats, ONLY do it with pants or jeans; never dresses or skirts.

2) Layer up

Layers are a great way to add substance and style to your outfit. Start with some basic t-shirts in neutral colors like black, white, tan/brown/khaki etc… Now every time you wear those shirts try adding belts on top of them or some other accessories so it looks more put together than ‘basic’. Finally layer on some jackets- vests work too! Just vary the colors of your layers for maximum effect without being too matchy-matchy.

3) Don’t be afraid of prints

Prints can either make or break an outfit so it’s important to use them the right way. Large colorful prints should be used as accents such as on shoes, jackets or scarves. Smaller more obscure prints should be reserved for pants and skirts only. Patterns such as checks and stripes work best with solids and plaids should always be accented by a solid color.

4) Wear dark bottoms with light tops

When pairing bottoms and tops take into consideration where you want your eye to go first- if it’s top then choose darker bottoms and vice versa . The idea is that even though everyone knows you’re short the goal is to make them think otherwise until you greet them.

5) Mix high and low fashion

You can still look stylish even if you have a limited budget so use this tip to your advantage. Go to local thrift stores or garage sales for vintage clothes that are more unique than what’s sold at regular stores.

Don’t be afraid of some tattered shoes with holes, distressed jeans etc… Just make sure the colors are suitable for your complexion especially regarding reds/pinks/purples/golds etc..

6) Lose the boxy tops

Boxy-cut tops are perfect for hiding lots of ‘stuff’ on one’s body but they do nothing in terms of style! They make you look wider AND shorter not to mention every lump and bump shows through. Try blouses with cutouts, ruffles, gathers etc..

These styles not only look more flattering but they draw attention to your face which should be the charm point of every woman’s outfit.

7) Use layers and prints to create a long lean silhouette

The goal is to make someone focus on something other than the fact that you’re short so what better way than playing with height? Layering tricks such as those mentioned above are perfect for creating long lean lines from top to bottom without being too busy.

Prints can also do this job by breaking up solid colours into pieces that will lengthen the legs visually. As an added bonus, prints help divert attention from problem areas like hips!

8) Make sure everything fits properly

Don’t forget the obvious- when shopping pay close attention to whether or not clothes fit you nicely or if they’re too big. Don’t waste time on those that don’t look good from the beginning- keep shopping!


Well, there you have it, folks. A few tips to help any short women dress well without feeling overwhelmed by all the choices available out there. Hope this helps and good luck with your new style! Remember, always be yourself no matter what anyone else says or thinks of your unique style! Ciao!!

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