5 Style Tips On How To Dress As A Younger Guy

Most guys want to look younger. Adding a few years to your age isn’t as easy as you might think. It takes more than just a haircut and a shave. A new attitude is needed too because style is more about attitude than anything else.

There are many men who think that dressing younger means going with an ultra-hip or super-trendy look, but that’s not the case at all. Style doesn’t have to be about being on the cutting edge of fashion either, although if done right it can have those effects.

Being young has nothing to do with what clothes you wear or how much money you spend on them either, although if done right this can happen as well. In fact, there is no actual secret to dressing younger.

Clothing Tips To Look Younger

It’s more about attitude than anything else, which means that if you want to look your best, then the first thing you need to do is change your mind about how you think about yourself. One of the biggest reasons people lose their youthful appearance is because they start thinking of themselves as older people.

This happens naturally with age, but it’s not inevitable. Start listening to the way you talk and notice what words are being used. Do you ever refer to yourself as an “old man”? Or an “old fart”, for that matter?

Instead, try talking about yourself as a young man or just someone who is in his prime of life. If the latter makes you feel awkward at first, then stick with calling yourself a younger man, but be sure to work on your attitude along the way.

let’s get to our style tips on how to dress as a younger man for 10 years younger

1. Buy clothes that fit you

when you’re in your thirties, not when you were in your twenties. This is one of the best style tips on how to dress as a younger guy. It’s also the most basic yet overlooked tip by guys my age and a lot of others in their 30s, many of who are still going through the same thing they went through when they were in college, buying clothes off the rack at big box stores like JC Penney or Sears with no alterations done..

It should go without saying that one of the first things you can do to look younger is to buy clothes that fit you. Even if it’s only a little bit, wearing clothes that are too big makes you look fatter and older.

If your jeans are baggy around your legs or butt, this ages you because these areas are considered problem zones by most people who care about their appearance.. trimming down the excess fabric will make your pants tighter, which gives you an instantly slimmer look. dark wash denim is perfect for this style tip on how to dress as a younger guy.

2. Wear clothes that are age-appropriate

You can still wear clothing that you like and that you feel good in, but just make sure it’s something the average person your age would wear.

One of the biggest mistakes I see guys my age wearing is jeans and a T-shirt with a pair of Vans, and they’ll try and tell me this makes them look younger. Well, it doesn’t because everyone my age is wearing this same outfit.

It makes you blend in instead of standing out from the crowd so when people look at you they go “Oh yeah, he’s just another guy in his 30s wearing jeans and a simple shirt” . The thing about looking younger than your actual age is to stand out from everyone else.

One of the best style tips on how to dress as a younger guy is don’t play it safe. Go out there and be different from other men your age by wearing clothes that are different from what they’re wearing. It doesn’t have to cost a lot either, just look at websites like Forever21 which carries jeans for under $15.

3. Wear simple clothing that’s not too bold

In addition to being old-looking, baggy clothing can make you look sloppy or even messy if it isn’t paired with nice shoes and enough care overall (remember, looking good has nothing to do with what kind of clothes you wear — “looking good” is an attitude – but people will still associate the way you look with the kind of clothes you’re wearing).

Avoid clothing that is too loud as well. Stripes and plaids, for example, can make you look like a high school kid because they’re usually worn by the younger crowd. Stick with plain patterns or solid colours more suited for your age group.

Fashion choices are always changing so one day what’s popular today may not be popular tomorrow.. don’t get stuck on this style tip on how to dress as a younger guy

4. Dress according to the weather conditions

It’s easy to forget this simple fact but if it’s cold outside, then wear warm clothes! A lot of guys my age choose to wear shorts no matter the temperature outside which makes them look younger than their age because it’s something people younger than them would wear.

On the other hand, I see a lot of men my age wearing sweaters or jackets even when it’s warm out which makes the same thing happen the opposite way.. they look too old for their age because it’s something older people would wear so this is another one of our best style tips on how to dress as a younger guy.

5. Dress with cleanliness and care

Looking good doesn’t just have to do with what you’re wearing but also how clean you are..

I mean if your hair isn’t combed, your clothes aren’t ironed, you have dirt on your face and hands, then chances are you’re not going to attract many women especially since women are attracted to guys that look good. Keeping it neat and clean will make you look younger because people associate messiness with being young.

Also, always wear cologne!

Especially if you’re going somewhere where there are other women around to smell.. not only do women love the way men smell, but they also get a sense of your personality from how you smell which is why I always recommend to my students on how to dress as a younger guy is to wear cologne every day!


By following these style tips on how to dress as a younger guy, then chances are you’ll be able to keep yourself looking young even if you’re no longer in your 20s or 30s.

Wearing cologne will help you get more dates, have people be friendlier to you around town, and it helps your social life overall. So if you’re looking for a style tip on how to dress as a younger guy then that’s the biggest one I can give you..

Try these five tips on how to dress as a younger guy and not only will people think you look younger than what they expected but they’ll say things like “I didn’t know he was THAT young” , which is exactly what we want them to say right?

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