How to Remove Eyeliner From Clothes

Many women carry eyeliner with them and love to add it to their eyes for a more dramatic look or for work. This can be especially great if you’re going somewhere where you don’t have time to do your make-up on the way. But what can happen is you apply the eyeliner but don’t realize that it has landed on your clothes. It really is a problem because it is not easy to remove eyeliner that has landed on your clothes.

To remove eyeliner, take the item that you found the eyeliner on and wash it in hot water. You must wash the item using hot water because if you don’t, you might be damaging the item. After you have finished washing it, use a soft toothbrush to scrub the eyeliner off of your clothes.

In this article, I’ll show you how to remove eyeliner from clothes in the best way possible. I will also be showing you how to remove eyeliner from clothes that have already been washed. Plus I’ll be giving you some additional tips on removing the eyeliner from clothes in a new and exciting way.

Are Eyeliner Stains Permanent?

Many people think that eyeliner is a more permanent stain. The truth of the matter is that eyeliner stains aren’t as permanent as you might think. I have a friend who tells me that she once used eyeliner on her clothes and it didn’t come off until she washed them. To remove the stains from her clothes, she just had to put them in the washing machine. For her, it was no big deal to clean up her clothes with just a little bit of effort and the stain was gone.

To prevent eyeliner stains on your clothing, make sure that you clean it up as soon as the eyeliner is out. Once you have removed the stain, you shouldn’t have any problem with having to throw the clothes away.

Since eyeliner is just a natural pigment, it will not be permanent after you wash the clothes. That is why it is important to take the necessary actions to remove the stain as soon as possible.

Will Eyeliner Come Out in the Wash?

Undoubtedly, eyeliner will be removed in the washing machine. Since eyeliners aren’t permanent stains, they can be washed away with hot water and a little bit of elbow grease. But if you find that you are still having trouble removing the eyeliner stains from your clothes then it may be time for you to consider a new stain remover.

If you do not want to use the washing machine to remove your eyeliner stains then try different methods of removing the stain. You can also try a commercial product to remove the eyeliner stains on your clothes. You can find products like these at your local grocery store or drug store.

If washing the clothes in the machine doesn’t work then other options would include soaking the clothes in a liquid laundry detergent, rubbing vinegar into the stain, and applying a stain remover from your drug store. This will probably be most effective for your clothing if you have made an effort to remove the eyeliner stains from them at home.

In this case, boiling water can help remove the stains from your clothes as well. This should be done as hot as you can stand it in order to ensure that the eyeliner stains are completely removed.

Why Are Eyeliner Stains So Hard to Remove?

Many women apply waterproof eyeliner on their clothing as a quick-fix; however, this can lead to some serious problems as it may become impossible to remove from the fabric.

There are many materials which are used in the manufacturing of eyeliners, but there is no ideal material for use for making eyeliner. The main reason lies in the fact that it is not easy to remove from clothes. Some people might even fail to find a solution on removing eyeliner from their clothing.

In most cases, waterproof eyeliners are waterproof because of its formula and texture; therefore, they are not easy to wash off even with soap and water. If it becomes difficult or impossible to remove meths from jeans or other clothes, you should learn how to get it out of clothes so that you can prevent such problems in future.

How to Remove Eyeliner from Clothes: 8 Ways

Now lets focus on the ways you can remove eyeliner stains from your clothes.

1. Dry Cleaning Solvent Solution

The dry cleaning solvent solution is a solution made with hydrogen peroxide and isopropyl alcohol. This solution can be used to remove many types of stains, including blood.

You can use the following procedure to clean the stain from the clothing:

  1. Wash the clothing first with cold water and then soak it in a large tub of cold water with 6 drops of hydrogen peroxide.
  2. Remove the clothing from the water and hand dry it.
  3. Apply a small amount of isopropyl alcohol to the stain and rub it into the stain using a clean cloth.
  4. Next wash the clothing 3 times with warm water. You should be washing your clothes in hot water for this to work effectively. This should remove most or all of your stain from the clothing, but remember that some eyeliner stains will not come out, especially if your clothes have been worn for a long period of time.

Since the stain isn’t completely gone from the clothing, you can rub it into the fabric using a toothbrush or a scrub brush.

2. Soda

The soda method is used to remove eyeliner stains on clothes. Use of this method could be a quick and easy way to remove your eyeliner stains, if you want to avoid using a stain removal product or a commercial stain remover.

To use this method, mix equal parts of white household vinegar and water. The ratio of the two should be 3 to 1. This is a good choice if you have some stains that have not yet faded in color. It will also serve as a way to remove some dried-on pastes, such as lip gloss and eye shadow stains.

Mix these two solutions, then add 3 – 5 drops of liquid dishwashing detergent, and allow them to sit for about 10 minutes before you try removing the stain. Rub or brush again, or soak it in a pool of water until the stain fades off completely before washing it with cool water and mild detergent; follow with warm water for a final rinse.

Wear rubber gloves to protect your hands from the staining effect of lemon juice on your hands.

3. Rice & Salt Method  

You can use this method by mixing 1 part salt with 2 parts white rice flour into the clothes which has been stained with any type of color. This will remove the stains very quickly.

However, if you are having a problem getting out the stain with this method, it is suggested that you use a piece of cotton and apply it directly to the stain and then wait a while to see if the rice flour absorbs some of the stain.

4. Vinegar & Toothpaste  

Mix equal parts of vinegar and toothpaste well in a bowl. Soak both items into the stained clothing for about 30 minutes so that it dissolves all of the stains on your clothes. After 30 minutes, wash them using your standard laundry routine using hot water only, no detergent or fabric softener products.

This can be tricky but can also be very effective in removing eyeliner stains from your clothes as well as other facespray based products such as lipsticks, eye shadows and anything else that have similar ingredients in them.

5. Glycerin Cream (Vaseline) Method  

Glycerin is a thick white-ish liquid that is used as a skin protectant, as well as a moisturizer. Glycerin cream can be used with many other products such as makeup to remove eye make-up stains from wood furniture, carpets and clothing.

It is recommended to apply the glycerin cream over the stained area, allowing it to absorb all of the stains. Generally, it will take a while for this method to work. Just make sure you do not put too much on one spot. Allow the glycerin cream to sit on your stained clothing for about 30 minutes and then wash as is usual.

6. Eucalyptus Oil Method  

Eucalyptus oil is a very common remedy to remove stains from clothing if you have a little bit of time on your hands. It works by penetrating into the material and breaking down oily stains. It also has some antibacterial properties that makes it an effective choice for removing stains from clothing and carpets.

 The eucalyptus oil works best in situations where you want to be able to go about your normal daily routine without having to worry about any smell or stains. You can apply this remedy by using a clean cloth soaked in eucalyptus oil, and then applying it over the stained area; leave it on for several hours, and then wash with regular soap and water at a lower temperature, without detergent or fabric softener products.

7. Lemon Juice Method

The lemon juice can be of great use in removing all kinds of stains from clothing, carpets and wood furniture.  The best thing about this method is that you do not have to worry about using any kind of chemicals. It is a great remedy to try if you have a limited time to spare and want to be able to go back to your normal routine without any worries.

Simply rub the lemon juice on the stained area and allow it to sit on the stain for anywhere between 30 minutes up to 2 hours before washing at around 30 degrees Celsius with detergent or fabric softener products; do not soak your clothes or mats during this time.

8. Salt Method  

Salt is an effective stain removal remedy for all types of surfaces including clothing, carpets and wooden furniture. The salt comes in different types, so make sure you choose one that is safe for use around fabrics as much as possible; there are some salt products that are not good for fabrics like wood and upholstery as they can cause discoloration, visual distortion and even damage to the material.

The salt that is safe for fabrics is free of borax or white crystals, it will have a grey color and granulated texture. Try to use a small amount of salt over the stained area, this must be done with care as it can cause some damage to fabrics. Allow the salt to sit on the stained area for at least 30 minutes before washing with detergent or fabric softener products; do not soak your clothes during this period.

How to Remove Black Eyeliner from White Clothes

Black eyeliner can leave a stain on white clothes and linger for a very long time. This also happens with other colors of eye makeup and is not limited to black. The longer the makeup stays on the clothes, the stronger the stain will be, especially if you do not remove it immediately after getting home from work or school.

If the black stain is not on a white shirt, the best thing to do is go to a professional drycleaner and have them do their job. If the stain happens on a white blouse or dress, you can remove the stain by rubbing the area with some lemon juice and then washing with regular detergent or fabric softener products.

If you are not able to head over to the drycleaner, you can also use special fabric cleaning products that remove permanent stains from clothing, but because these products contain harsh chemicals, it is best to consult an expert first before using them.

You can also use hydrogen peroxide for removing black eyeliner. Mix 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide with 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid; apply this mixture on the areas where the black stain has happened. Sit back and wait for 10 minutes before washing with regular detergent or fabric softener product.  

How to Get Waterproof Eyeliner Out of Clothes?

Waterproof eyeliner is one of the most difficult stains to remove from clothing, as it does not easily come out from the fibers. The main reason why it is so hard to get it out is because waterproof eyeliner has been placed on clothes directly and not in a liquid form; this makes the stain more resistant to removal.

In some cases, you might be able to remove the stain by soaking the clothing in hot water and washing them with regular detergent or fabric softener products; however, this should only be done if you are 100% sure that waterproof eyeliner is used in that area of your clothes. Do not use this method if there are any long sleeves, coats or sweaters as these might become distorted during washing.

Some people will try to remove waterproof eyeliner by scraping or cutting the stain out. This is not recommended as it will damage the fibers of clothing, which will cause them to lose their firmness and can also cause pilling. If you are worried about ruining your clothes, the best option is to remove the stain out with a professional drycleaner or a professional laundry shop.

How to Remove Eyeliner from Jeans?

In most cases, eyeliner is applied on jeans for a quick-fix look, but under the right conditions, it might be difficult to remove it from the fabric. If you are facing a problem removing eyeliner from jeans, you have to learn how to remove eye makeup stains from jeans as this can help.

First, you should know that drycleaning the area on which eyeliner was applied is the best way to remove it. Then, you should soak the jeans in a mixture of cold and warm water and wash with detergent or fabric softener products and dry them like normal clothes.

You can also try soaking the jeans in a mixture of baking soda and vinegar; after this, you should rinse them thoroughly with cold water. Dry your jeans for 5 minutes before washing them again with detergent or fabric softener products; after this, you should let the jeans completely dry before wearing again.

You can also try rubbing the stain with a bar of soap and then washing the jeans with detergent or fabric softener products. This should be followed by drying the jeans before wearing again.

If you are not able to remove eyeliner from jeans, you have to find out where they were placed and then wash them separately. If you do not want to risk ruining your clothes, you should go for a professional drycleaner or a professional laundry shop.

How to Remove Eyeliner from Carpets?

Carpets are one of the most challenging areas to remove stains. If you want to remove eyeliner from carpets, you should firstly clean the carpet with a solution of vinegar and water.

Then, use a vacuum cleaner or a broom to get rid of the hairs from the carpet. Next, apply the cleaning products that are recommended for carpets and let them soak for 20 minutes; after this, you should brush them with a vacuum cleaner or broom again. Finally, you should let them sit overnight to dry as it is easier to remove stains in an air-dried carpet.

If you are still not able to remove eyeliner from carpets, it is suggested that you go for professional drycleaners or professional laundry shops.


Now, you should be well aware of how to remove eyeliner from jeans, carpets and other fabrics. These techniques are helpful in difficult stains that can be removed relatively easily. We hope that this information will help you in getting rid of stubborn or hard to remove eyeliner stains from your clothes.

At last, I would like to say a word of caution that all the methods discussed above are not meant for permanent removal of eyeliner stains. You should use these methods only if they will help you in removing an existing stain or if the stain will not affect your clothes in any way.

I hope you have enjoyed this article. Don’t forget to share the article with your friends if you found it helpful.

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