How to Shrink Polyester Leggings

As a new blogger, I have been obsessed with finding clothing that makes me feel good and reflects my personality.

This is why I did not mind spending around $40.00 on stretchy leggings from They were comfortable and the perfect fit! Waistband came up over my navel, which was another thing I liked about them because it appeared to be slimming for my figure.

However, after only wearing the leggings three or four times, they started pilling in an area behind one knee where they had been stretched repeatedly while sitting down. They eventually stopped being so elastic and began looking rather worn out after a few further wears.

This defeats the purpose of purchasing quality clothing in my opinion since I want my clothing to be more than just comfortable.

I had read about this problem happening with many women who own these types of leggings, but I was hoping that the ones I ordered were of better quality than some of the others out there. They weren’t. Following are some things that may at least help you get through your new favorite pair until they wear out completely:

As mentioned earlier, Amazon sells a lot of clothing items for their strikingly low prices, even though they aren’t of good quality, so it might be worth checking out Walmart if you find yourself unable to return or exchange certain clothing items.

A helpful nurse once told me that polyester fibres can be shrunk back down to size by using an iron-on its highest setting with a damp cloth placed over it. So this is what I did next. I am not an expert at using an iron, but if you can get past that fact, go for it.

It worked well enough on the leggings from the knee area around to about half of the calf-length portion of them before they became too loose and baggy looking rather than elastic and slimming as they were originally intended to be.

What helped make this look more flattering was pairing them with a long blouse or tunic top, which also makes your legs appear longer as opposed to just wearing a shorter shirt that doesn’t cover as much of your thighs as you would like it to.

While shopping at my local Walmart later on in hopes of finding a replacement pair, I noticed a woman taking a pair of leggings similar to mine off the rack and putting them back on top, which made me feel better because at least I wasn’t the only one having this problem.

That is pretty much for the introduction, now let’s check the steps to Shrink Polyester Leggings;

How to Shrink Polyester Leggings

Step 1: Put your polyester leggings on.

Step 2: Iron them using a little bit of water and the highest setting that will fit onto your ironing board.

Step 3: Let them cool for about fifteen minutes before trying them on, they might be too hot when you first put them on.

Step 4: Wear them around your house or outside for a little bit to test how they feel.

Step 5: If they are still too hot, let them cool off some more and try wearing them again after fifteen minutes. Repeat this process until they are comfortable enough to wear every day.


-Don’t use an iron on the leggings without water first! It will damage them beyond repair if you do that. Not good.

-If you like tunic tops as I do, be sure to check out Old Navy’s clearance section online because it is amazing with clothing that is made very well compared to Walmart, which tends to sell low-quality stuff even though their prices are relatively cheap. They also have a great selection of leggings, including a pair of black ones that I purchased for only $6.00!


you have any helpful tips on how to shrink polyester leggings or if it worked well for you the first time around, let me know in the comments section below so others can check out your post and get your opinion on how to handle this annoying problem.

I hope you find this article useful. Cheers! 🙂 [END OF ARTICLE]

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