How To Unshrink Jeans

Do you want to learn how to unshrink a pair of jeans or any type of fabric? Have you lost an article of clothing or ruined a piece of luggage, and you want to know how to unshrink them?

To unshrink jeans:

  1. Wash your jeans in hot water
  2. Dry them in the dryer
  3. Iron them to shrink them (this is not recommended)
  4. Redo steps 1-3 and repeat until the desired size you want to reach.

Most of the times, if you wash your jeans in hot water, and dry them in the dryer, the shrinkage will be removed. You can also use a clothes steamer instead of a dryer that will remove all shrinkage from the fabric.

You may also opt to buy new jeans if you want a different size. You can buy repurposed jeans by checking out thrift stores and going at garage sales to see what they have. You can also ask friends or relatives if they are willing to give you their old clothes so that you could make new ones. Go on and buy some denim patterns at the fabric store so that you can make your own pair of jeans later on.

Why Do Jeans Shrink?

Jeans lose their shape and shape after wearing because it is a tough fabric made to last long. However, this does not mean that the pants will not fit you anymore.

When the jeans are washed, they become limp and lose their color and shape. But you need to know how to unshrink your jeans once they are shrunken so that they won’t just stay that way all the time. You should also know how to unshrink a pair of jeans because it can gain or lose heat very quickly depending on how often you use them and how much force you apply on them while wearing them or washing them.

Another thing that people do not realize is that the hard part of your body near your leg is actually called the “muscle” where these muscles would contract very quickly when doing anything like an exercise routine or in any activity such as curling dumbbells if you have been working out and want stronger muscles in your legs while you are working out and wearing clothing.

The other thing that can affect your jeans’ fit is the use of fabric softener when washing your clothes. The use of fabric softener will actually make the denim material more flexible. That can result to loose pants and even a pair of pants that you have been wearing for a long time becoming too loose in their tight places like the legs or pockets where you put your coins or keys so that you can store them there.

This is why you need to learn how to unshrink jeans for as long as possible because it will benefit your life and make sure that everything around you fits perfectly in every one of its parts.

Can You Unshrink Jeans?

To answer this question you need to know how jeans were made in the first place.

There are two kinds of jeans that are made: selvedge and nonselvedge. Selvedge denim is a kind of denim that is made by hand. It’s a very expensive kind of fabric and it has 2 features; the seam that can only be found on certain jeans, and it is also very durable for long lasting wear. Nonselvedge denim is the kind of denim that you normally see in most stores when shopping for new jean material or old broken down ones.

It’s cheaper than selvedge and it will be more likely to fray as time goes on but generally, no seams are involved in making these types of jeans so if one side breaks or frays, you can just sew it back together somehow or go to your local tailor to have something else made because it won’t affect the way they fit your body.

As far as unshrinking a pair of jeans goes, there are two ways to do so: by washing them with cold water, leaving in the dryer overnight with some air (which will assist with shrinking), and then just bringing them back out to finish the shrinking process so that they fit.

All of these methods require you to have patience, time, and results without much damage done. You will have to figure out a way to make modifications so that your jeans don’t lose their shape after being washed or dried with heat or for a long period of time.

How to Unshrink Jeans

Now lets go over some methods on how to unshrink jeans.

Fabric Conditioner:

This is just a sort of liquid that you can purchase at the store. It’s primarily called for when washing jeans because it will make the denim more soft and comfortable to wear by adding oils that help preserve their shape.

You can also use this stuff to keep your newly purchased jeans dryer, but only if you don’t have any other other source of heat in your house like a fireplace or something similar. If you do make the purchase, make sure that you choose either one of the warm options such as cologne or eau de toilette or one of the cool options such as lavender water; these are more commonly used types of fabric conditioners and they will work out great as well. Use one drop per pair/yard of fabric and then wash it using cold water which should also be set on cold in your machine before going through with drying it.

Fabric Softener

Keeping in mind that fabrics aren’t completely made out of cotton, you might want to try something like this instead or it will ruin the durability and stretchiness (called “give”) that denim materials have built into them from the start. You can use this product while washing jeans but only if you have no other alternative source of heat in your house (such as a fireplace), and one drop should do the job for each pair of jeans.

Shrink Fit

If you want to shrink your jeans, then you are going to have to use a special product that can help with shrinking by directly addressing the denim material itself. You are going to have to purchase this product in small quantities, as it comes in a squeeze tube form, and is considered a liquid or cream instead of a powder.

You can use this stuff with cold water and then allow it to air dry after washing them, but if you don’t want any wrinkles or lines on your pants, you can purchase semi-dry shirts that feature no pills at all or which are iron-on friendly afterward (you should try this option first). Now the most important part is that you need to not reduce the size of your jeans too much because if that happens, you might want to think twice about wearing them.

Wrinkle Releaser

This product comes in different forms like spray bottles, sponges that are heat resistant (they can also be used for cleaning purposes), and even tubes of creams that come out of tubes as well. What does this product do? The simple answer is that it reduces wrinkles by pressing down on fabric for a short period of time before allowing it to air dry. The best part about these products is that they offer you some sort of comfort during shrinkage just like fabric conditioners do; so in the long run, you’ll save yourself some money!

Iron-on Treatment

This is another fabric treatment product that works by actually being sewn onto your clothing, which can be a little difficult to wash and look good after. The best way to handle this issue is to use a machine that has a steam mode (if you don’t, then go ahead and invest in this feature) and into your pants. Using the pants as non-woven material, lay them on top of the steam setting for about 30 seconds or so and then allow it to set for about ten minutes before washing them with your regular detergent. This should work great every single time!

Lukewarm Water

Many of us have purchased a lot of jeans because they are super cute, but then we just don’t know how to fit them into our closet. It’s not hard to make your jeans look as good as new. You simply want to keep them inside the dryer for about 10 minutes, after which you can hang them upside down and allow them to air dry in the sun. When they are dry, turn them upside down again and then you can gently pull away any wrinkles or folds with your fingers. If you prefer, you can also roll up your jeans before placing them in the dryer.

Baby Shampoo

A lot of us have babies and we know how to use baby shampoo on them, but it is safe to say that we do not use baby shampoo on our jeans. Fortunately, you can buy a tube in the drugstore that will treat your jeans with baby shampoo without doing any harm to it. All you need to do is place it on the pant leg and use your fingers to gently rub it until you notice changes in the fabric. Once you notice a difference, leave the area alone for 10 minutes and then wash them as normal.

Hair Conditioner

If you have a lot of hair, you know the pain that comes with brushing it. It is very important to separate your hair while brushing it, so you can make sure that there are no tangles and knots in them. The ideal solution is to use some conditioner; however, it can also be used on your jeans. Apply some conditioner and use your fingers to rub out the knots (and tangles) from the fabric. The fabric should then look virtually smooth, which will make it easy for you to brush the hair.

How to Stretch Shrunken Jeans Waist

Stretching jeans waist is important to make your jeans fit you better and to avoid future damage. Lets look at how to stretch jeans waist.

What you’ll need:

  1. Tape measure or a tailor’s tape.
  2. Scissors or a seam ripper.
  3. Iron and a steam ironing board if you have one.
  4. A pair of pants that no longer fit properly, but are still wearable in some way; jeans will take the longest time to stretch back into their original shape.  5, Have patience!

Step 1:

First you need to take the pants off both legs. Take the pants off by turning them inside out so the backside of each leg goes towards the outside.  Grab an edge and gently pull up, getting as close to your body as possible at first.  Do not bounce around or strain anything.  Let gravity do all the work for you!

Step 2:

Tuck in half of your new pant by tucking in and pinching the dropped side in place, while pulling tight.  The new pant will look a little bulky if it is so stretched out that it looks like a tube top, but this problem will go away after more vigorous stretching, so do not worry too much at first.  Once the new pant fits you like an old pair of jeans, you can stop.

Step 3:

Measure your waist(s) by putting the tape measure around your body, from the tip of your neck down to your hips.  Do not turn and measure over the same spot on both legs; be sure to measure across different spots for each leg!  This way you will get a more accurate measurement.  If you do this, when you stretch back in, everything should fit too tight.  

Step 4:

Take a pair of “pre-stretching” jeans that are a size or two too small (again, no need to worry if they are still wearable) and put them on with pants that fit well.  Wear these jeans around for one day.  If they feel very tight in the morning, then it is probably wise not to start this stretching process right away; wait until your other pants are fitting better again before trying this method again. If they feel loose when you put them on in the morning but tighten up as the day goes by (which means they are still too big), then it is time to stretch back in those old pants!

Can You Unshrink Jeans by Wearing Them?

By now, you may be wondering if you can unshrink your jeans if they are not already too tight to wear and just your normal size.  I can tell you that the first time I did this, was indeed an exciting day, and I still remember how it felt  when my pants fit again for the first time in ten years.  If your pants are old enough and are still wearable, then try this method of stretching back in!  My pants were a size or two too small, but after I did the stretch, they fit perfectly again.

How Many Times Can You Stretch Back in a Pair of Pants?

Stretching back in the same pair of pants is not going to cause damage to the fabric.  It will simply shrink the fabric and make it tighter.  You can stretch back in, as many times as you like, and it should not be a problem, but I would recommend keeping jeans that are only one size smaller than normal (like men’s jeans) until they fit perfectly again; that way you can get at least one more stretch out of them before they start to be tricky to wear due to too much shrinkage!

How Long Does It Take to Stretch Back In a Pair of Jeans?

This is a good question that is probably the most frequently asked about the process.  It depends on many things, but what I have found to be the best way to judge how long it will take to stretch back in a pair of pants, is by measuring:

If you have time and patience, then you can expect it to be somewhere between one and three weeks.

If you do not have time, then I would say that one week should be plenty of time.  I personally got them back into perfect shape within two weeks!

How to Prevent Jeans From Shrinking?

As I mentioned earlier, the best way to prevent your jeans from shrinking is to not wear them for so long.  I could tell you that you should only wear your jeans once a month, but that would be lying; people wear their clothes just as much in one month as they do in one year!  What I would recommend is keeping them for a maximum of two years before you have to start stretching back in again.

You can also try wearing a pair of jeans that are cut on the baggy side for an entire year and keep them for a few more years as well.  So, in total, your pants should last at least three years before you start to have to start stretching them back in again. This is a rough estimate of when you should start your next pair of jeans for want of a better word, “retirement”.


To Wrap it Up…

If you don’t want your pants to shrink, then keep them for longer than one month, keep them for less than two years, and do not stretch them back in more than once.  If you do this and still have a pair of pants that fit perfectly after they have been stretched back in, then great!  Now you can start stretching your next pair of jeans, and the process will be easier the second time around!

As I mentioned earlier, there are many things that can cause your jeans to be tight from the start and still fit perfectly at the end of their lifetime.  Some of these are hemlines, visible panty lines, skirts and dresses (where the main body is cut lower or higher than usual), and other such things.  There really is no way to stop some of these from happening.  However, if you follow this whole guide then you will have a much higher chance of this type of thing not happening to you.

That’s it!  You now know how to stretch back in your jeans so that they will fit perfectly again!

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