How to Wash Cotton T-Shirts

A cotton T-shirt is a must-have in any wardrobe. A good quality tee can be worn with almost anything, from jeans to dress pants.

There are some special things you should know about washing them the right way. Always wash your tees inside out for example, never put them in the dryer and read this article before you do it again!

Each tee has its own unique qualities that distinguish it from other tees, just like us humans have our individual distinctive characteristics…

…I am talking here about how to wash cotton T-shirts when they are made of different kind of material. Not all cotton T-shirts are alike! That’s why there are some rules to follow when washing them depending on the fabric and the brand.

How To Wash Cotton T-Shirts

If you’re wondering how to wash cotton T-shirts, this is what you should know:

When it comes to washing your tees, there are two main factors that should guide your decisions: the fabric and the brand. Here’s everything you need to know about how to wash cotton shirts so they last longer and look better.

How To Wash Cotton Shirts With Non-Iron Brand Labels And Why?

Non-iron brands such as Jerzees or Hanes (Gildan) recommend that you wash them inside out and use cold water when washing and warm temperature for drying!  Cold temperature will keep its colors fresh and bright for a long time, while warm temperature will cause colors fading faster because of extra friction.

How To Wash Cotton Shirts With Preshrunk Brand Labels And Why?

Preshrunk brands such as Fruit of the Loom (Gildan) recommend that you wash them inside out and use warm temperature for washing and drying! Warm temperature will cause colours to fade less overall especially if you stay away from exposure to light or sunlight, while cold water will cause any color to fade faster. It’s very important not to forget never put your tees in the dryer unless it is recommended by the manufacturer label.

How Do I Know If My Tee Is 100% Cotton?

It’s easy! First just try to look for any label on your tee that has a care instruction. If you can’t find it, simply take a small piece of white tissue and put some water on it. Drop the tissue in the rinse water and if your shirt’s color changes anything but blue or purple then it is not 100% cotton!

What Do I Do If My Tee Is Not Washed Inside Out?

If you are wondering how do I wash my cotton t-shirts when they are made of different kinds of material, or if your tees are not 100% cotton, all you have to do is follow these simple steps…

Turn them inside out . Wash with cold water Follow other instructions written on other labels (for example Gildan recommends warm temperature washing and drying) If you wash them inside out, the logo will not fade as much as if they were washed outside.

What If I Pressed My Shirt The Wrong Way?

If you pressed your shirt and the crease doesn’t go away even after a couple of days, it’s totally fine! You can simply take a hairdryer or iron and warm it up for 10 secs to heat up the fibres again and push it flat again. It should disappear in no time!  

Good luck with your adventures trying to find perfect tees for any occasion, don’t forget that these tips only apply to cotton shirts made by non-iron brands such as Gildan or Fruit of Loom etc. Hope you had a good time learning how to wash cotton shirts!

Thanks for reading, I hope you found it useful…

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