How to Wash Graphic Tees

If you want to take to know the complete method to wash graphic tees then you are in the perfect place. We have come up with a detailed procedure to wash your favourite graphic tee without damaging the print at any cost.

The first step to learning how to wash graphic tees is to learn what NOT to do. The following tips will ensure that your favourite T-shirt maintains its fit, comfort, and colour.

Turn Graphic Tees INSIDE OUT When Washing

Wearing your graphic tee inside out during washing will significantly reduce wear and tear on the shirt.

Not only will the image not deteriorate as quickly, but this action prevents zippers or buttons from snagging or catching onto other garments in the load.

It also decreases the number of times you have to turn your shirts over because by design they are designed to be worn facing outward!

Do NOT Use Bleach Or Fabric Softener

Using bleach or fabric softeners can dramatically fade graphics. Bleach is rough on fabrics, so the only thing it’s good for removing stains. Fabric softeners coat fabric with a thin barrier of chemicals that leave the shirt less breathable and may cause itching.

Wash Graphic Tees In Cold Or Warm Water

Turning your graphic tees into cold water instead of hot or warm will keep their colors rich in hue. To help remove any unpleasant smells, add some white vinegar to the wash cycle.

The vinegar works as an alkaline agent, which neutralizes odors when added to cold water.

However, when using this method make sure you are not setting aside time before you show off your tee, since adding vinegar can also make garments stiffer!

Additionally turning down temperatures when washing may seem counterintuitive, but it helps to preserve the shirt longer.

Benefits of Using a Mesh Laundry Bag When Washing Graphic Tees

Using a mesh laundry bag when washing graphic tees will protect your clothing from snagging on other items in the load. The bags are very durable and can hold up to 4-5 shirts at once..

These bags help you easily separate garments from one another, preventing them from being tangled or soiled with any residue from other clothes!

You can find these mesh laundry bags online for relatively inexpensive prices. Most cost $7-$10 dollars per bag.

These bags are reusable as long as they do not break under stress. If they begin to tear or rip during use, dispose of them immediately after use, and replace them with a new one!

Steps To Wash Graphic Tees

The following steps outline the proper way to wash graphic tees in order to maintain design integrity.

Step 1: Remove Graphic Tees From Bag And Turn INSIDE OUT. Discard bag.

Step 2: Wash In Cold Water On Gentle Cycle With Bleach Alternative If Needed. Add Vinegar For Deodorizing Properties. Make Sure To Run The Spin Cycle Twice To Ensure No Lint Remains In Load After Washing!

Step 3: Hang Dry Or Tumble Dry Low Heat For 10 Minutes Then Hang Dry Rest Of Way. Use A Mesh Laundry Bag When Washing Graphic Tees. This Enables You To Separate Items Prior To Washing, Thoroughly Cleaning Items With No Stains Or Residue.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Clean, Unstained T-shirt!

The End!

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