6 Tips to Match Thread to Fabric Online

Online shopping is a common activity these days, whether it’s hopping from one website to another or purchasing items from an app, internet shopping has been widely accepted in today’s society. Recently, the world of online sewing and quilting materials has begun to emerge in full force. Many fabric companies have realized that connecting with … Read more

7 Tips To Choose The Right Thread For Your Fabric

Looking to refill your sewing thread supply? If so, you’re not alone. Sewing machine needles and bobbins are just as essential as those little containers of bobbin thread that you wind around the spools on your machine. It always makes sense to have a healthy supply of these basic tools ready at hand. You’ll want … Read more

How to Tailor Your Jeans Waist

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10 Tips to Choose Fabric for Clothing

Anyone can cut and sew a straightforward garment — top, dress, skirt — but if you want to venture further into the world of clothing construction, choosing fabric is one area where you should become more confident. Choosing the right fabric for clothes is not always easy, but there are certain techniques that can help … Read more

5 Style Tips Every Woman Should Know

Every woman wants to look presentable and beautiful. In this competitive world, it is very difficult for a woman to dress up to the occasion. She has no idea whether her clothes are going to go well with her personality or not. As a result, she ends up feeling shy and starts judging herself. Now … Read more